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Punchdrunk, London

The immersive Punchdrunk venue 

The master of immersive entertainment **Punchdrunk** presents their newest venue which houses _The Burnt City_ – a sprawling, expansive labyrinth of Troy which is their latest and most creative venue yet. Modelled after the hypothetical city, the venue is complete with uptown areas, dive bars, back streets, tucked-away nooks and expansive areas that brim with possibilities. The venue is constructed on a site named Woolwich Works (South East London) which forms part of the Royal Arsenal within Woolwich and not far from Greenwich. It is built on a collection of Grade-2 former military structures that have undergone a staggering £31 million reconstruction. The venue contains an entry foyer, a box office, and interior corridors that connect the buildings when the performances are running. The building is fully accessible.

Punchdrunk’s audience capacity 

Punchdrunk have taken over the vast majority of the complex, using two adjoining buildings spanning 100,000 sq ft to host _The Burnt City_. As a result of this, the venue can host an audience of up to six hundred members to explore the labyrinth at their leisure.

What the venue has to offer 

The Punchdrunk Venue has a cloakroom and a bar and VIP Lounge (Peep) can be found in the backstreets of Troy. The Peep bar opens to enjoy a drink 15 minutes before your allocated time slot. Peep remains open after the performance except for matinees.

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