Boulevard Theatre

Boulevard Theatre

Boulevard 6 Walker’s Court Soho LondonLondonW1F 0BT

Boulevard Theatre, London

The Boulevard Theatre is one of London’s newest and most versatile venues. Located in the heart of Soho, the space has a long history providing various forms of entertainment: adult, cabaret, revue and comedy included. The newly opened venue has been completely redesigned to stunning effect. 
The large windows and glass walkway create an open and inviting space. The theatre itself is small, only 165 seats, but has been designed to allow as much creative flexible as possible. The stage can be reconfigured in multiple ways and also has the abilty to vary in levels, rising and falling. The seating in the venue is all mobile and can be redistributed to best suit each individual event. The balcony also revolves in both directions allowing even more flexibility in seating. The innovative window design allows for a variety of lighting choices, including natural light. 
The size of the venue means that the majority of shows staged in the space will have a half dozen or less actors. The opening season is set to feature shows that will shine in this innovative new space. 


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