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Alexandra Palace Theatre

Alexandra Palace Theatre

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Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace Theatre, London

Alexandra Palace Theatre: a unique story 

The story of the Alexandra Palace Theatre is one of a kind and shows how through history it has traversed the highs and lows of the West End world. It opened its doors in 1875, and was a place of marvel and wonder where audiences of up to 3,000 people could delight themselves with a broad range of the arts – opera, drama, ballet and pantomimes were all on offer. 

It was originally engineered during the Victorian era, with stage machinery that was beyond both the times and people’s imaginations and allowed performers the illusion of flying into the air and disappearing from the stage.

The restoration of Alexandra Palace Theatre 

Over the years, Alexandra Palace Theatre struggled to compete with some of the larger production names in the West End. Subsequently it was used as a cinema, a chapel, was home to music hall stars, and even had a stint as a BBC prop store and workshop. For over 80 years it was closed to the public, a forgotten gem perched high above the city, waiting for its humble return. 

In 2016, construction work began after years of heavy research and designing to restore the theatre to its former glory, the complex work was completed with the aim of ensuring that the theatre’s original character and charm. 

The venue is a large palace-like structure that sits on its own, with Victorian architecture on its exterior and interior and large archways. What is perhaps most charming about the Alexandra Palace Theatre is its restored Victorian auditorium, which seats 900.

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