Terms and Conditions

Travel Treat and www.traveltreat.com are trading names of Luxury Sports Tours Limited, registered in England and Wales 04893372. 

These terms and conditions apply to all Travel Treat Gift Vouchers that have either been sold online, over the telephone or form part of any corporate order.  By redeeming your Travel Treat Voucher via the www.traveltreat.com website or by any other means, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below.

  1. Scope and Role of Travel Treat

Through the website www.traveltreat.com we provide an online platform through which bookings can be made for the following products and services:

  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Flights
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Dynamically created flight and hotel packages
  • Package holidays provided by Jet2.com and Etihad Holidays
  • Car Hire Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Attraction Tickets

Travel Treat acts intermediary booking agent between you and the end provider(s), and is not responsible for the delivery of your product or service.  Travel Treat is responsible for providing the relevant service provider with the booking details and for sending a confirmation email to the client on behalf of the service provider. It is the responsibility of the client to check the confirmation email and to report any inaccuracies within 48 hours of receipt.

Travel Treat is responsible for the transaction process on www.traveltreat.com and therefore manages transaction disputes. 

  1. Third Party Information and Services

Travel Treat works with Live API feeds from a wide range of travel providers. Therefore the information provided within the redemption process is based on the information which is sent to us via the relevant providers API Feed.  Although we will use reasonable skill and care in performing our services, we will not verify if, and cannot guarantee that, all information is accurate, complete, or correct, nor can we be held responsible for any errors (including manifest and typographical errors), any interruptions (whether due to any temporary and/or partial breakdown, repair, upgrade or maintenance of our website or otherwise), inaccurate, misleading or untrue information, or non-delivery of information.

  1. Payment 

When purchasing a Travel Treat Voucher payment is due immediately at the time of booking. Payments can be made with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express are processed by ‘Stripe’ an external merchant that provides secure credit card processing.  Via the Stripe platform, clients are also able to split the cost of the Travel Treat Voucher using the ‘ClearPay’ payment solution. 

Due to the time taken to process the funds along with other standard fraud checks, Travel Treat Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed until 7 days after the purchase date. 

Travel Treat Gift Vouchers are not subject to VAT.

It is possible to buy Travel Treat Vouchers in bulk and these orders can be paid for by bank transfer following a manual order.  However vouchers cannot be redeemed until cleared funds have be received. 

  1. Cancellation & Refunds

Travel Treat Vouchers are non-refundable.  However, in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations, a full refund will be provided to any client on the proviso that the refund request is made within 14 days of the purchase date. 

  1. Expiration Date

All Travel Treat Gift Vouchers are valid for 365 years after purchase.  This means that the voucher must be redeemed within this time.  However the travel activity can take place at any time in the future. 

  1. Redeeming Your Voucher

All Travel Treat Vouchers must be redeemed via the www.traveltreat.com website and cannot be redeemed directly with any hotel, venue, airline, transportation provider or theme park.

When redeeming your voucher on traveltreat.com the full value of the voucher will be deducted from the total at the time of redemption and the client is responsible for paying the difference.  

If the total balance due is less than the value of the voucher, please call 01782 409618 to redeem your voucher manually over the phone. 

Following payment you will receive a confirmation of your booking via email.

Vouchers cannot exchanged for cash.

  1. Cancel or Modify Booking

Please check the cancellation policy on your booking confirmation. If the booking can be canceled please contact our team either by telephone or email to arrange your booking amendment . The refunded value of the booking will be added back onto your Travel Treat Voucher.  

If a booking is made on a non-refundable basis or if you fail to attend your booking on the pre-arranged date you will forfeit the value of your voucher. 

  1. Complaints

If you have complaints please contact the service provider directly. We are not liable for any claims or complaints with regards to any of the services that are used when redeeming your voucher. 

  1. Further Correspondence

By completing a booking or by ordering a Traveltreat.com, you agree to receive (i) an email that we may send to you prior to your arrival date with information on your destination and reservation and (ii) an email which we may send to you after your stay 

  1. Disclaimer

Subject to the limitations set out in these terms and conditions and to the extent permitted by law, Travel Treat shall not be held liable for (i) any punitive, special, direct, indirect or consequential
loss or damages, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of or damage to goodwill or reputation, loss of claim, (ii) any inaccuracy relating to the (descriptive) information (including rates, availability, and ratings) of the accommodation as made available on our website, (iii) the services rendered or the products offered by the accommodation provider, (iv) any (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) damages, losses, or costs suffered, incurred, or paid by you, pursuant to, arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website, or (v) for any (personal) injury, death, property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive) damages, losses, or costs suffered, incurred, or paid by you, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, willful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, misrepresentations, tort or strict liability by or (wholly or partly) attributable to the accommodation (its employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, or affiliated companies), including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure, or any other event beyond our control.

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